Window blinds for cars

Many foreigners consider Russia a harsh region with a cold climate, where winter lasts almost all year. This, of course, is not the case everywhere, but we have no tropics! The hot period is not very long and at the same time is local - in some parts of the world real heat is seen only occasionally. Nevertheless, the fashion for curtains is obvious, and the Russians became dominated by a massive addiction to the additional dimming of car interiors.

Window blinds
Retractable plastic curtains are fixed with self-tapping screws. Disadvantages: a narrow range of fixed sizes and a small resource. Excessive holes in the cabin, too, not everyone likes.
Love is illegal
With dull tinting is almost over. Until January 1, 2015, the authorities officially allowed tinting in accordance with GOST 5727–88 “Safety glass for land transport. General specifications. " Now the technical regulation of the Customs Union “On the safety of wheeled vehicles” (TR CU 018/2011), approved by the decision of the Customs Union Commission dated December 9, 2011 No. 877, is in effect. Paragraph 4.3 of this regulation says: “Light transmission of the windshield and windshields through which provides front visibility to the driver should be at least 70%. ” By the way, in the upper part of the windshield it is allowed to stick a light-protective strip with a width of not more than 140 mm. The traffic police is equipped with devices for controlling the light transmission parameter. Violators are mercilessly fined, sometimes forced to rip off tapes publicly. Demand for tinting has fallen, but you still want to close yourself - from the sun or from the world. Not to everyone, but to many.

Therefore, the market was quickly filled with a huge number of proposals for "individual frame tinting" and various sunscreens. Some manufacturers and sellers on their sites almost guarantee "traffic police loyalty to our products." Despite the fact that this “specialized mesh” meets the requirements for light transmission, in contrast to, say, an opaque cloth curtain. Do not believe them! Traffic police officers justly shrug their shoulders if they are asked to measure the light transmission of the grid. Even if everything is clearly visible through it. For in the technical regulation we are talking only about glass, it has nothing to do with grids.

How exactly an employee of the traffic police should determine the light transmission of glasses is described by GOST 32565–2013. For example, the measurement should be made at three different points in the glass with a device that is regularly tested (which should be confirmed by the appropriate certificate). The passport to such a device also indicates the range of operating temperatures. If

He is not authorized to measure the parameters of the blinds, but this is not necessary, since blinds of all types clearly fall under the "List of malfunctions and conditions under which the operation of vehicles is prohibited." He resolutely excludes from the list of permitted any "additional items that limit visibility from the driver's seat." And article 12.5 of the Administrative Offenses Code of the Russian Federation stipulates appropriate punishments - a warning or a fine of 500 rubles.

One important nuance is the interpretation of concepts. A natural question arises - what is front visibility and visibility from the driver's seat? Traffic rules do not give such interpretations and, in principle, with the help of a long dispute with the inspector, there is probably a chance to defend the curtains on the front side windows. Say, they do not limit visibility, since this very visibility is not described in the SDA, but personally, I only look forward during the movement. True, there is GOST R 51266–99 “Visibility from the driver's seat”, which defines front visibility as visibility through the front and side windows of the cab, limited by the driver’s field of view of 180 °. But this GOST is designed to certify vehicles, and not to identify violators of traffic rules.

Curtains for rear windows, including side windows (if the car is equipped with external rear-view mirrors), are thus permitted. And machine manufacturers are willing to use this: many models are staffed with retractable curtains. We make a reservation that the curtains on the front side doors are prohibited only during operation - that is, during movement. In the parking lot - please, as much as you like. Therefore, their release, sale and installation cannot be formally prohibited.

regular window blinds
Established curtains on the rear windows are the norm in the premium class. In the photo is the Cadillac CTS, which next to the main curtain also has an additional one, covering the triangular window.
By the way, there are bona fide sellers who honestly mention the Code of Administrative Offenses and warn that “only eloquence, when you talk about how well these curtains on the front windows let in light, plus the inspector’s reluctance to spend time, will save you from deserved punishment.”

The arguments are quoted below, many of which are openly controversial:

“When the sun shines directly in the eye, the driver sees the road poorly, which could lead to a major accident.” That's how they turned - the curtains are on guard of security! Is it really better if the driver does not see the road through the curtains at all? The optimal solution still seems to be sunglasses - absolutely legal.

“No newfangled air conditioning can save you from suffocating heat if you get stuck in traffic.” Really? And the blinds will directly save? In most cases, they are dark in color (although they offer light) and they heat up in the sun no worse than the plastic of the cabin. Therefore, it is extremely doubtful that “even with a clean and polished machine painted in white metallic, the blinds will help reduce heat by 9–10 degrees.”

"Reduce solar activity by at least 85%." Brad: mankind does not yet have technologies that can affect the complex of phenomena and processes associated with the formation and decay of strong magnetic fields in the solar atmosphere.

“Ultraviolet has an extremely adverse effect on upholstery and finishing materials.” This is a clear contradiction with the statements of car manufacturers, who assure that they use materials with high resistance to the entire light spectrum.

That's not all. The curtains “filter the air when driving with the windows open”, “protect the interior from insects”, “save fuel by reducing the intensity of the air conditioner”, “there are no more strange prying eyes”, “your child will not blow through” and “in the car with the curtains more pleasant ride! ” Those who believe that all this is true and really useful can not do without curtains on the front side windows. Just do not be surprised at the regular attention of the traffic police to your "fashionable" car.